Freitag, September 28, 2007

Freak Street

- You like puja*, sir?
- No. Thank you.

- But this is very good for Karma. You give me some donation and I give you good Karma.

- NO.

- But I am a holy man.

- You are not holy. Maybe you need money, but you are definetely NOT holy.
- But I am a Sadhu!**

- Your problem.
- No problem! Holy man!

- Nobody is holy. How can men be holy? Not even god is holy.

- How can god not be holy?

- He's making too many mistakes.

- But god is almighty. How can the Almighty make mistakes?

- Maybe his biggest mistake is that he does't exist. And just in case he exists, his biggest mistake was to create people who consider themselves to be holy.

- God is everything and he appears in any shape. He is the flower on the mountain and he is the mountain itself. And he is you and me.

- He is me? If your god is holy, I am holy, too? So I can make the puja for you and afterwards you give me donation?

- Not possible, sir.
- Why not?
- Because you don't know the rules.

- What rules? I would just paint red colour on your forehead and murmur some secretly sounding words in a language you don't understand.

- What is your religion, my friend?

- I'm an untouchable.

- That's the problem, sir. You are a westerner and to do a good puja you need a real sadhu or Hindu priest.

- So we are not the same god? And for a valuable spiritual ceremony I need to look like a bum with a long beard, filthy dreadlocks and an orange bed sheet around my waist? lt's time for you to change your business model, Mr. Sadhu. May god bless you. And if he doesnt, you are still lucky, because as a holy man you should be able to bless yourself. Goodbye.

- See you in another life, sir.

- Maybe not.


>> hinduistisches Ritual zur Verehrung der Gottheiten
** religiös motivierter
>> Asket im Hinduismus

Freitag, September 21, 2007

Deutscher Herbst